Did you know Doggie Paradise has been around for 14 years?

Below are some other important facts!

Independently Owned (not a franchise)

What makes us unique? We focus on creating a healthy, happy and safe experience for our pups. What makes us different from the other daycares, especially the franchise daycares, is that we have the ability to make all the rules. We are a mom-and-pop shop dedicated serving our loyal customers and growing our small business.  

What that means for our customers:

  • Happy Staff = Happy Pups – Our staff loves to work at Doggie Paradise which translates to genuine love and attention for your pup
  • Safety First – All our guests go through a mandatory evaluation and dogs are separated by size, temperament and age
  • Capacity Limits – On major holidays and weekends we put a hard limit to the number of pups we will care for to ensure a safe environment
  • Cleanliness – A clean environment means a healthy environment. We have a dedicated cleaning committee that enforces best practices for keeping our facility clean
  • Value – We believe our pricing is very reasonable for the level service we offer and one of the best values around!
  • Truthful feedback – Not all dogs do well in a daycare environment. We will let you know that rather than accept your dog and force them to have a miserable experience which may affect their behavior

The Doggie Paradise Facility

Our facility is newly renovated with approximately 4,000 square feet of space dedicated to the pups. We have multiple runs where the dogs are separated by size, temperament and age. Our space has heating and air conditioning to keep our guests comfortable all year long. Also we have a three-door policy which means there are at least three doors between our guests and the outside world. This was specifically designed for our most curious guests who love exploring and are smart enough to sneak through doors. We also have live cameras so our pup-parents can watch in real-time.

Our Staff

We are very proud of our loving staff. Full of passionate dog lovers, our staff has helped Doggie Paradise create a working culture which focuses on the happiness and healthiness of our guests. Their passion for dogs extends beyond Doggie Paradise as multiple staff members also work at at local rescues and shelters.

Our Owners

Have you met Anita and Parag yet?

Anita is a former physical therapist who is now a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT) designated by the Canine Rehabilitation Institute.

Parag is an engineer turned finance professional who loves dogs. He graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology and handles the business end of things.

Did we forget Riley?

Riley is the pup who inspired us! Adopted from Eleventh Hour Rescue, Anita and Parag adopted Riley when he was 3 months old. At just over 3 years old, he is our youngest employee. As an unpaid strategic consultant at Doggie Paradise, he is responsible for informing us of things he likes and dislikes.